Saturday, 10 August 2013

The way in for me and possibly, for you.

It is encouraging to know that after more than a month in London I am still surviving; in fact I am thriving. I owe it all so far to the bright and uplifting people at Manifest PR ( It started with a freebie (unpaid) I made for them at the Field Day music festival to promote the Kopparberg bar that was to appear at festivals this summer. Doing this free work was a great way to get in with the group. It was an easy way to gain their trust and show them a handful of my skills. Needless to say; it has led to many more paid opportunities.

Even though I almost got stranded at Gatwick airport, and even though I had to lug a needless amount of kit across London just to get the coach home in time, and even though I made myself work the entire day without even stopping for lunch; I would do it again, and would recommend doing a freebie (for the right company) to anyone. When you are starting out (and I am in the same boat) it is important to do everything. Whilst you are at university making artistic short films and trying to break the conventions of cinema, remember this; you are not above corporate. You can make the most intriguing film in your class, but you'll still need a way to make money from your craft. Just try and push yourself into the right kind of corporate, the corporate that works for you. In my case; it's alcohol. What luck.

The wonderful music in this film is from the very talented Thom Robson. Soundcoud. Twitter. Employ him.

Here's what I came up with on the day:

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