Monday, 12 August 2013

The Directors Showreel.

It's a difficult thing; the directors showreel. What do I include? What do I exclude?

I'll be honest with you - I don't believe my showreel to be the most conventional. Generally a showreel will show a selection of shots set to music. I have this, but I also extended the showreel in order to give the viewer a deeper understanding of me as a director. After the token shots-to-music there is a selection of three extracts from pieces I have directed.

My thoughts behind this are that when an employer is watching your showreel they are looking to know as much as possible about you. They want to see your styles, your abilities, everything.

Presenting a showreel is a very stressful task; it makes you feel...naked. You are showing the whole of yourself to somebody who will judge you brutally; and rightfully so. This is why you must be confident in your showreel (which is also why I urge you to do everything, this way you'll have more choice).

The best advice I can give you for a directors showreel is to look at actors showreels, or think back to when you were casting. Weren't they annoying? Didn't they ever give you enough to know whether they'd be right for the part? You are in much the same position as they were when they sent you their showreel. So try to think what you would like to see, as an employer. Shots that can sell, shots that can 'wow' and shots that can will stick in the minds of the viewer.

Leave an impression.

Music credit goes to my dear friend Nick Horne.

You can listen/download his music here:

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