Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Indiana, here we come.

Today I learned that my graduation film 'Black Box' is going to be screened at the Indiana Short Film Festival.

Everyone who's ever made a film will be able to relate to the stress that the darn thing causes you in production, and especially in post production. Which is why it's such a great feeling to see it, as if by magic, spread it's wings and fly across the atlantic (a fitting metaphor, should you watch the film on My Work page).

I say "as if by magic". But it is not magic at all, more; it is the result of a very hard working and persistent producer. Get in touch with him here, but do not steal him, just  borrow him. Check out the teaser trailer for his BIFA winning feature film here. He and the director made it when they were 18! (I'm jealous but I've learnt to feign happiness for them).

Anyway if I have one lesson today it's this; if you're a director get yourself a producer - it's a HOOT!

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